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Night x Light

A Yaya Nanto & Hikari Konohana Fan Community <3

Yaya Nanto x Hikari Konohana ♥
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[Welcome to Night x Light]
[The Nanto Yaya and Konohana Hikari LiveJournal Community! <3]

- pyratesss
- flowed

If you're here, you are probably a fan of the Strawberry Panic anime/manga or a fan of either girl (or both). That, or you want like to learn more about them. This community is for fans to gather and discuss the series/couple/girls, share fanfiction, sites, fanart, icons or whatever else you can come come up with. The main focus of this community is on Yaya and Hikari (as a pairing, as best friends, or even solo), and we would greatly appreciate it if we could stay on that topic! Though, we're not against the occasional discussing of the general series or other characters once in a while. We're very agreeable people here. :3

The moderators of this community are pyratesss and flowed. If you have any questions or complaints about the community, please direct them to these ladies. Their contact info can be found at each of their ljs, of course. If it's about anything within the Strawberry Panic universe or about lj in general (cuts, for example), you can probably just direct it to the community. Someone should be able to answer you, and your question may have already even been asked. In any case, if it's a serious issue, you should be able to get a hold of one of the two of us!


= If you are new to the community and have a question about the series please read the entire first page of entries to see if your question has been asked and answered recently. Not only will this save you time, it'll save the entire community the problem of answering the same question over and over again.

= Introductory posts are allowed.

= This community is open to art mediums of all types, all genres and all ratings. All that we ask of you is that you provide a warning and lj-cuts where needed with adult material. For anything rated R or NC-17, we ask that you please place under friends-lock, and do not forget to label it.

= This community is, obviously, very yuri friendly. Go figure, huh? So we won't tolerate any trolling, bashing or bigot-like actions within the community. Break this rule, and you're banned. No questions asked.

= Please, /please/ do not start petty arguments and drama with other members. This is a lot like the rule above, and the same applies. Don't break it, or you'll be banned. If someone does something wrong, one of our mods will warn them; there is no need for the entire community to freak out and begin bashing the person who is in the wrong. If they are in the wrong, then warned, and do not fix the problem, then they, and the problem, will be removed. Please let the mods do their jobs.

= Though we are quite flexible here, our main focus /is/ leaning toward the girls as a couple, so we'd appreciate it if you didn't post anything Hikari x Amane and so on and so forth. There is a general community for Strawberry Panic, and perhaps others for specific couples or characters so..keep it Yaya and Hikari, please. Either stick to Yaya and Hikari as solos, or as a couple.

= Posting of fanart, fanfiction, wallpapers, LJ icons or whatever you've made is highly encouraged here. We love to see what you have to share with us! However, if you are posting something that /isn't/ yours, please add a small disclaimer, or even tell just who it /does/ belong to.

= On the topic of credit, we have an Photo Bucket account filled with Yaya and Hikari art and screen shots (listed as our website link), in fact, and if you own anything there (or know who does), feel free to contact us so we can credit them. We're alwaysalwaysalways happy to give credit. The same goes for our community icons listed with 'credit = unknown' tags.

= Our Photo Bucket gallery is for members only; it is locked up with a password. If you want the password for it, you will have to join up, and visit this post to get access to it.

= If you are looking for something, be it art, fanfiction, fanmixes or otherwise, then you can go ahead and check our memories and you'll probably find it.

= No spoilers, if it can be helped! Any entry that you make, be it a question, a random theory about where the plot line is going, episode summaries, etc. must be put behind an LJ-cut if it is a spoiler. If you don't know how to lj-cut, go here and learn. If you are not sure if your question is a potential spoiler or not please take the safe route and lj-cut it. There are those among us who may not be as far into Strawberry Panic as you are, and please be considerate of them. No one wants a major series plot ruined on them. This, however, does not apply to fanfiction and the like, as spoilers can scarcely be helped in that department.

= Any fanart, wallpapers, icons or screen shots that you would like to showcase to the community must also be put behind an LJ cut. /Especially/ if it's a graphic heavy post, which we have a tendency to come across here. Lots of people have a fast internet connection, but people in this community may not, so have some consideration, and lj-cut, please. Failing to follow this will get you a warning, and you will be banned if we must /repeatedly/ warn you, time and time again.

= Fanfiction must abide by the following guidelines:
- Lj cut!
- Before the lj-cut, it would be great if you would tell us a little about your fiction. You can include, title, author, rating, pairing (if applicable), genre(s), summary or comments. You could even include a word count, if you'd like, just as long as you tell us a few things about your writing and give us a rating! We accept writing rated from G to NC-17 here, but if you give a rating of R or NC-17, please explain to us (in your summary) what warrants this rating.

= Please keep this community on topic at all times! We're here for the Yaya/Hikari love, and the Strawberry Panic series love, and therefore anything that is radically off topic will get a warning and a deletion of post (if you do not delete the post yourself when warned).

= BE NICE! Don't flame another community member for any reason whatsoever. We will not tolerate trolling, drama, or any of that. We're all here, we can all get along, and there is no need to ruin this community with petty crap. So just get along, okay? Cause trouble, and you're out.

= /Please/ do not claim other peoples art or writing as your own. If we find out that you've taken claim for something that is not yours, we will ban you. No exceptions to this rule. This, however, does not apply to a fanart dump. Just do not put your name on someone's work, that's all. A disclaimer or no name, then we know it isn't being claimed as your own.

= Please DO NOT comment on any of these entries with an advertisement for your community. Please do not make a post advertising your community. If you want to /affiliate/ with nightxlight, contact one of the mods, and we will put up your link. If you're here to advertise, leave. There are lots of other places for you to do that; don't do it here.

= Our two moderators reserve the right to change any and all rules as they see fit. However, we make the promise to announce any and all rule changes to the community. You will all be informed.

= Breaking of these rules will result in warning. Some rule breaking may result in banning. Repeated rule breaking means banning. Therefore, obey our rules, and you'll do fine.

If you would like to see Strawberry Panic, I would recommend grabbing yourself a copy of something like BitTorrent and checking out places such as Animesuki, BoxTorrents and AnimeYume and seeing if they are hosting the episodes for download.

You can probably download the manga from YAnime or Anime Source, if they are hosting it. You'd have to check. If not, you can always try searching elsewhere.

-Places to Visit-

= Strawberry Panic dot com: Official Strawberry Panic website.
= strawberrypanic: A general Strawberry Panic community.
= stbpanic_rating: A Strawberry Panic rating community.
= miatorlove: Nagisa/Shizuma fan community.
= SP @ TV Tropes: Strawberry Panic info at Television Tropes and Idioms.
= Strawberry Panic Info: Strawberry Panic info from AnimeNfo dot com.
= Strawberry Panic Wikipedia: Wikipedia explanation of Strawberry Panic.
= Strawberry Panic Series Information: Description of Strawberry Panic series on Anime News Network dot com.

- shizunatsu
- pigxforehead
- goatsisters
- ienaikotoba
- miatorlove
- kagamin

[We're always looking to affiliate with any community that is somehow related to Strawberry Panic and the likes..especially yuri/shoujo ai related, too..even generalized anime will do. So, if you think you make the cut, contact pyratesss.]

[If you want to link back to us, then go to this entry and grab yourself a pre-hosted button and put it where-ever you want. :D We're adding new buttons every now and again, so check back often~]

- The images used in the user info (and our PB gallery) are from various artists, and if you made them, please tell us so we can credit you. Thanks goes out to all the artists who's art we've used. All mediums of art work shown in the community belong to those who claim them until proven otherwise. If a work has no credit, and you know who made it (or you did, even!), then give us a shout.


Strawberry Panic is Love